After years of working in the business side of the record business, singer-songwriter Lisa Jane Lipkin teases a bit as she says she’s “gone to the dark side”.  With her third CD, Flying On Instruments, Lipkin combines a new level of focus and trust to push the boundaries of her independent music career. Recorded with acclaimed composer/producer Richard Martinez and some of NYC’s top musicians, Flying on Instruments reveals Lipkin’s infectious faith with songs that explore life’s turbulent as well as calm skies with equal deft and grace.

Once dubbed a cross between Diana Ross and Joni Mitchell, Lipkin was weaned on the Beatles & Beethoven, cut her teeth on Dylan and The Who, and was schooled in Ella Fitzgerald and Cat Stevens. In Flying on Instruments Lipkin’s wide-ranging musical influences coalesce into one unique blend of diversity and versatility. She is equally comfortable staking emotional turf in the upbeat opener "I Do Now" as she is tenderly caressing in the ballad “To Begin Again with You.” Lipkin can be at once optimistic and cheerleading in the bluesy rock-rally "Move On," and then turn keenly introspective and deeply compassionate in the penetrating ballad "Change upon Change."

While many of her songs center on love and its various gains and losses, Lipkin also has an eye on the wider fields of spirituality and social change. Her interest in the latter can be seen in the passionate appeal “Does Anybody Hear?” This song was inspired by Kerry Kennedy’s book, “Speak Truth to Power,” and was written for the New Hampshire premiere of “Voices from Beyond the Dark,” a drama based on the book and work by Kennedy’s Human Rights Organization of the same name.

Since starting with piano at age 9, Lipkin has traversed such broad musical terrain as Classical, Jazz, Top 40, Folk, 60’s “Girl-Groups” & Reggae. As a singer-songwriter, she has been featured at such prestigious venues as the Towne Crier and the Tupelo Music Hall and has opened for Dar Williams, Steve Forbert, Shemekia Copeland, Garnet Rogers, John Pizzarelli, Brad Delp’s Beatle Juice and more. Her award-winning songs have appeared on multiple compilations including Basina Records, Indie Music for Life, Songsalive! and appear in the new Tami Gold documentary “Passionate Politics – The Life and Work of Charlotte Bunch.”  

In 2004, Lipkin released her debut CD, Raise the Honey, and in 2008 A Prayer for Peace (original songs, prayers and chants inspired by her journey through Jewish mysticism). In addition, Lipkin has recorded, arranged, and produced for other artists including Sandi Kimmel, Christine Pepe, Neal Gomberg & Women Spirit Song and has teamed up with Martinez again to co-produce Jay Hitt’s 7th release, “Greetings from the Wilderness”.  

A Jersey-girl living in New York, Lipkin admits wanting her music to offer something positive and transformational. “I sing about life - up, down or in between - with an aim for truth. If I nail that and open up some truth for someone else, then I guess it was a pretty good day.”  Lipkin’s passion to create music gives her a determined resolve to take risks beyond convention and basically beyond her comfort zone. It’s there where the “dark side” can become the path toward a bright future.