“Some people think music education is a privilege, but I think it’s essential to being human”
- Jewel

As a performing singer, songwriter & pianist, what has proved indispensable over the years is the knowledge, guidance and hand-holding I have received from extraordinary teachers. 

Knowing the impact a teacher can have upon a student, especially a child, I take great care in approaching each student holistically, as an entire world to respect, discover, and journey alongside while guiding the study of music. 

Music is an art form that involves both creativity and structure. I anchor lessons in the idea that we PLAY music (and it should be playful and fun), at the same time, like any good game, there are rules and techniques that when properly learned create the potential for immense success and joy in making music.


For children: Through age appropriate methods that are both fun and educational, the student learns the “facts” of music: notes, rhythm, dynamics, phrasing and playing technique. Through improvisation, listening, moving to music, composing and more, they learn how to “play” in music and are fostered in becoming creative, confident, and well-rounded musicians.

For adults: The process is very much the same, minus the stickers and coloring pages. We cover the absolute musts of technique, musicality, music theory and repertoire while continually applying these skills to both standard repertoire and whatever kind of music the student enjoys playing. In addition, improvisation, ear training and composition are important areas of study that help a student to be flexible, versatile and playful in making music.


Singers are musicians, too! It’s just that instead of the instrument being outside of us, we ARE the instrument. Acquiring skill in playing this instrument, with much of it’s workings beyond voluntary control, requires an understanding of how various musical and physical circumstances influence the freedom, flexibility and aesthetic quality of the singing voice. 

Misunderstandings about how the vocal apparatus works and how best to develop the voice can train into a singer bad habits at best, and at worst, cause vocal damage.

Through very specific vocal pedagogy learned from Donna Reid (wife and protege of Cornelius Reid) exercises, information and repertoire, are all used to help singers to develop their voice safely and create the conditions where optimal singing can occur.

Performance and Composition

Being on stage performing your own music or having someone else perform or record your compositions are among life’s most extraordinary experiences. As in the other aspects of music, there is creativity and convention at play together. We will explore structures and work to free creativity for anyone wishing to work on their songwriting, stage performing or putting it all together.

I teach at my home studio in Millwood or in your home in the New Castle area. For more information about lessons please call me at (914) 941-0468.

A bit more about me:

As a teacher I draw from a diverse background in life and music that includes a BA in Music from Rutgers University, years of voice training with Master Teacher, Donna Reid, piano studies in classical and jazz including learning from jazz great, Kenny Baron, Dalcroze Eurythmics,  Writing/producing/recording three commercial albums, decades of live performing, many years as a Cantorial Soloist, prayer leader and choir director, ten years in the record business as well as being a Reiki Master, a regular meditator, and perhaps most important, Mom to two of the most important teachers in my life.

"Without music, life is a journey through a desert" - Pat Conroy