5 Year Itch

The title of this blog is how I will attempt to justify FIVE years of silence. It's been a half decade of extraordinary growth, excruciating pain, exhalation, inhalation, coming back from the brink of annihilation, and deciding that it is worth it. 

I wrote a song sometime back ("Technicolor World" - it's on my first CD, "Raise the Honey")  about journeying from living "dulled down" to vivid living, about the twists and turns of that journey and about coming "home" to the brightly colored, amazing world, that we actually live in.

When I recorded that song, I thought it was a "then" journey. Ie, a journey I took & then arrived. But now I realize that there is no arriving (don't shoot the messenger). There is only journeying. Like the proverbial bear going over the mountain, there's always another mountain.

New insight: That's a good thing because journeying implies movement, discovery, learning, and living.

So, here is my stepping-in again -  another leg of the journey. Thankfully, music has proven a trustworthy trail mate and good company. Together we will be visiting a handful of venues throughout Spring and into Summer.  Please check the calendar page for details, but I am very excited to be returning to The Towne Crier in Beacon, NY on May 21st!

I hope you will come in & sit a spell;  we can reflect together upon our journeys.

Happy Trails - Lisa

Blog-ologue, please

Hi Dear Ones -

Pages fly off my wall calendar like something from an old movie leaving me in disbelief that so much time has passed since my last post. Still, here we are now. You and me. We. So let's talk.

How have you been? I'd love to know. I thought recently about the one-way conversation that a blog can be and how I'd so prefer having a conversation with you. We can call it a "blog-ologue", yes? I blog, you -ologue back. (Yeah, I know, they call it commenting but I mean can't we just expand the whole thing a bit?)

I'll kick it off:

If you are an independent singer-songwriter (or another indie creative-type) tell me how do you feel about the whole DIY thing? Do you ever long for the days of patrons? When artists could be artists only...single-mindedly building their skills, stretching their creative muscles, dreaming under the stars about music/literature/dance/art of the future?

Or do you love the whole multi-tasking, many-hatted thing? Doing sales/marketing/writing/booking/engineering/singing & songwriting in a constant shifting of roles & responsibilities?

So, that's it. Just one question, curiously placed out into the ethers. Are you there? Respondez s'il vous plait.

Best wishes to you.


Little Darlin' it seems like years...

Hey Friendly Folks -

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at what I'm up to!

For those in the North East it was a "long, cold, lonely winter!" Spring took forever to find us! Now the smiles are in fact returning to the faces with lots of folks sitting in the sun, biking, running, hiking, smelling lilacs and generally walking around in amazement of nature! 

Still, despite record levels of snowfall & cold, a nasty altercation with my personal nemesis, Lyme, and not-so-run-of-the-mill parenting for a daughter about to join The Los Angeles Ballet as a trainee, I had a pretty wonderful winter. 

January saw the release of my new CD "Flying on Instruments" - (more or less regionally, but I'll get back to that). Since then I've been doing lots of getting out there! Some of the highlights are:

~Opening for Steve Forbert at the terrific Towne Crier, Pawling, NY
~Sharing the stage with Dixon & Jones at the wonderful Milkboy Coffee, Ardmore, PA
~Showcasing at SS Cape May Festival inNJ & the Lehigh Valley Conference, Bethlehem, PA
~Attending the opening of Tami Gold's new film "Passionate Politics" in which I have a segment of original music. Thanks to Richard Martinez for that!
~Having the phenomenal Peter Calo & the talented Nancy Scorcia by my side on stage.
~Writing lyrics for a smoking' new project by a great musician-with-a-vision, Gregg Sulzer

And much more - especially making wonderful connections with fabulous people in the  music world & beyond!

If you haven't yet heard "Flying on Instruments" please take a listen at any of the many outlets available on line including www.cdbaby.com/lisajanelipkin, Itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon & lots of others. You can purchase the CD through those as well or directly from me (what a concept!). For that: lisajanelipkin@optonline.net

I'd love hearing from you! So please get in touch through FB:


or directly: lisajanelipkin@optonline.net.

Become a fan, stay in touch, join my mailing list (I promise not to overwhelm your inbox) and stay tuned for more about me & "Flying on Instruments" as we continue to gain altitude! (oh gosh, groan, forgive me)

See ya soon!!


Grand New Beginnings!

Happy 1/11/11!

Look at all those ONES lined up! Just begging us to align with the energy of new beginnings.  Whether you feel these kinds of moments as messages from the far reaches of the cosmos to the depths of your soul or just some fun coincidence that time and space has dished up, they are still great opportunities to pause and reflect. So reflect, please...

What might this moment of grand new beginning mean for you?  Why not wipe that habitual window clear and look out anew? What wonder might be out there waiting for you to step forward and enjoy it? With a shift of perspective, it just might be that everything really is different. Blessings for your new-ness.

For me - it is a new year on the calendar, the anniversary of my birth (1/10), and the launch of a new recording! A labor of love, not always painless, but well worth the effort, this album, "Flying on Instruments" is a collection of moods and experiences...snapshots of moments and wonderings. They helped me clear my window for what wonders might be coming next.

I invite you to take a journey with me while "Flying on Instruments" and enjoy the ride!!

Thanks for listening! And for being you.


We have lift off! "Flying on Instruments" is officially complete! 
The official release date will be January 11, 2011 but I will have pre-official release copies for sale December 15, 2010. 

To acquire one, email: lisajanelipkin@optonline.net or visit www.cdbaby.com/ljlipkin3.  Downloads will be available around the same time. 

You can hear samples on my FB music page: www.facebook.com/pages/lisa-jane-lipkin/58924421065

Musings on the Music:

What began as a dozen auditory-visions sketched out with piano and voice turned into 12 tracks of rock and roll, a bit of soul, and an intimate ballad or two in a soundscape that's varied and multi-textured.  It'll be hard to genre-stamp, that's for sure, but that's kind of my story anyway. I always figure I should be fitting into a box somewhere, but there never seems to be one with my name on it. 

The process of creating this music has been extraordinary. More than a journey... I'd say "odyssey" is more like it. I began with wonderful people and ended with wonderful people. Ok, they weren't always the same people, but every hand that contributed something to this project contributed something valuable & important. And to each I am grateful.

On that note, please permit me to acknowledge all of the people who help to birth this record:
First and foremost, to my dear friend and colleague, Richard Martinez. From totally smokin' organ to brilliant sound design and scads in between, it's Richard's contribution that have made both process and product what they are.

Peter Calo: guitar meister all over this record. Wailing, crunching, soloing, sweetening, he's doing it all...and beautifully, too.

Doug Yowell (drums & percussion): killer beats that rivet down the tracks! 

Mike Visceglia (bass): groovy, soulful, solid

Terry Silverlight: slamming drums in "Does Anybody Hear?"

Peter Donovan: supreme bass on "Does Anybody Hear?"

Bill Ruyle: exquisite dulcimer & tasty percussion

Deborah Assael: glorious cello on Richard's brilliant arrangements

Nancy Scorcia: terrific additional guitar in just the right places

Lawrence Manchester: mix-master extraordinaire

Fred Kevorkian:  magnificent mastering

And a very special thanks to Billy Masters for getting the whole thing rolling & Paul Avgerinos for sweet additions and valuable input.

Last but not nearly least: 
Jeff Chenault: wonderful and creative art design making it come alive!

Thanks, everyone, for sticking with me to this point!
Thanks for listening! 
Stay in touch!
Write back!

See ya soon,

Ghost of Angels

Hi Friends,

How have you been? I've been busy shaking things up again. Just when you thought it was safe to say "Produced by" I have changed again.(Think I have an issue with stability? I'll have to look at that). 

But this time I'm settled! No really. I mean it! Really!

And it's all been wonderful learning, growing & stretching. Many hands make light work and tons of wonderful notes, licks & grooves have been lovingly turned into ones and zeros. And will soon be acquire-able by the multitudes. May you assemble freely.

The dear friend & collaborator helping to bring this project home is Richard Martinez of Light Body Music (lightbodymusic.com). Richard is currently best known for his music work in films and I'm glad he's expanding/returning to record production with this project. He is very creative, has killer ears & burns on keyboard. (He is the organ/piano behind Carol Woods' singing in "Let it Be" in "Across the Universe" among other great cred's.) 

I've had the amazing Peter Calo (Carly Simon) laying down some sweet guitars and there'll be other surprises, too.

So, please stay tuned. The CD really will be called "Ghosts of Angels" and maybe I'll even explain that title if someone actually asks me. Oh, that's a little ploy to see if anyone is really reading this. If you are, feel free to let me know. 

I do look forward to sharing my new songs with you very soon! I'll post a few on myspace: www.myspace.com/lisajanelipkin by end of February. Promise!

Until then...Happy Being!



Hi There!

This is a blog about being grateful. A gratitude catalogue blog, or a blog travelogue of my gratitude, you decide, but here goes:

I am very grateful:

To have connected with Paul Avgerinos (www.studiounicorn.net). He is a world class producer, musician, and a joy to work with. My songs are in heaven! But "as above so below", so they will also be available on CD and by download soon! It's gonna be good!!
For Billy Masters, Doug Yowell & Mike Viseglia for fabulous bedrock to build upon!
(www.myspace.com/billymasters, www.myspace.com/dougyowell) I don't think Mike's got a myspace so search for him!

To have Jeff Fasano & Jeff Chenault on my photography, artwork team. Again, both talented AND wonderful, my favorite combination! (www.jefffasano.com) (www.eleven07.com). The cover art will be nice to look at!

To be coached by Donna Reid (Voice and Alexander Technique). How many more amazing "And" people can I know?! (www.donnasreid.com) She's "beyond", trust me!

To have been supported & encouraged many times over by Gilli Moon. A talented artist in her own right whose intelligence and open-hearted spirit would help boost anyone trying to survive in indie singer-songwriter land. (www.gilli.net)

And many more, but in particular my family & friends. You know who you are. You shine! You help me see where I'm going. Thank you!!

And to the rest of you, thanks for being you!

Stay tuned!

Change Upon Change Upon Change

That's one of the titles to a song that will appear on my new album, when my new album appears. And said appearance is an event that I can't predict with total certainty at the time of this writing. I thought I could, but then I had to think again.

About a year ago, when I formed the vision of a new release, I must have formed vaguely. But now I am a year wiser. What did you say? Older? Humph! Either way, I now have a keener eye on what I'd like to do and who I'd like to do it with (kids! musically speaking!)

And I will reveal, in a very short time, who will be the quarterback for this venture and by the grace of a platoon of angels, I may even have the record out this fall...stay with me....it's possible. Better yet, help me hold a vision! YOUR musical vision...go ahead, dream away....just keep the budget reasonable.

What I can announce is that I have enlisted the incredible Jeff Fasano to take mad photos, the awesome Jeff Chenault to do outrageous graphic design, and the totally talented Irish potter, Anthony O'Brien, to lend a hand with the art. It will be a thing of beauty, that's for sure.

I can also say that I have been delving ever more deeply into the songwriting part of this singer-songwriter thing and feel real good about these ditties. I think you will, too. So, stay tuned!
And thanks for being you!

Life on an Even Keel

I wish!

Words like "even", "placid", "complacent" rarely, if ever, enter into the vocabulary of my life story. Maybe it's the kids (5 with "steps" included), the aging parents, the house, pets, the insane intention to have a career in music, all (or none) of the above that cause a never-ending rocking and rolling (ok, i'll let that stay) in my daily ride.

No sooner does the crisis that is Senior Pre-Prom planning get resolved, when up goes the cry to send, urgently, a box of "high fashion" clothes for an impromptu Runway Show at the Summer Dance Intensive. Wait...I was updating my bio!

Do you think it's easy to focus on snare sounds and harmonies when your first kid is about leave for his first year in college? How about summer birthdays, family vacation, relationship problems, torn tendons & Lyme disease? Did I mention the economy?

I've decided my life is trying to kill me. And the truth is, of course, it will. But not before I complete at least one more recording of songs about this crazy journey. It may be called "Made of Glass" it may be called "For Me", but whatever it's called it will be a work made with no apologies or whitewashing of real life...well, not mine, at least.

Having said that, the truth is, I generally don't complain in my songs, so no one need fear a litany of tunes about domestic drudgery. That's what blogs are for. ;)
Stay tuned.

A Lovely Journey

Hi Friends,

I just came back from a week on the emerald isle: Ireland. With sheep, cows, rolling hills, rocky coastline and tourquoise water the only thing there was to do there was revel in beauty. That and enjoy a pint of Guiness once a day!

It was about day 5 when I realized I hadn't seen a plane or helicopter for 4 days. The only things flying in the sky were birds, butterflies and the occasional bee. With a population of 4.2 million people filling a country the size of the state of Indiana (pop. 6.3 million) and very little industry the air was clean, the water unspoiled, and the landscape remarkable.

Of course we were hugging the west coast, which is far away from Dublin and the more populated areas south and east. But even Galway, the largest city on the west coast, was a kind of scaled down White Plains (no skyscrapers).

I have to confess, and I know it is not very sexy of me to do so, but we didn't see music in the pubs at night, we were feeling so quiet (and pretty tired at night) that the pub scene wasn't calling us. However, we did stumble upon some lunchtime music in the most lovely town of Doolin (actually the proported home of traditional Irish music) and equally enjoyed great local talent in during an outdoor festival in the town of Westport.

You didn't really think I'd get through Ireland without some musical immersion, did you? And of course, I had to come home with a handmade, handpainted Bodhran. Now, I just need to learn to play it. Any bodhran players out there?

Well, anyway, I'm refreshed, relaxed, renewed and ready for the months ahead. I will be performing at a benefit for INDIE MUSIC FOR LIFE in Mansfield, Connecticut, July 24th. If you are in the area come on by! www.indiemusicforlife.org

At the end of August, I will be showcasing at the 2008 WOMEN IN THE ARTS Conference in Spencer, Virgina. More on that later. www.indiegrrl.com


The Maiden Blog

Hi there!

Ok, so I'm here, in blog-land. Wow! What a world...stepping onto its potentially thin ice...I note that we didn't even have personal computers when I was having my first fling with the record business, let alone the internet, itunes, streaming live audio and blogs! (Are run-on sentences allowed here?) 

My children look at me like I'm some kind of Martian freak when I ask them (albeit for the 10th time) how to send back a comment on myspace. It took me 3 years to even join the myspace party and I think half the guests have already left.

I look out my window and see trees and a lake. It's serene and comforting in its apparent stability and slow evolution. It feels like a pace that a human being can digest, use and store easily. Technology changes at the rate of malignant cells racing across a bewildered body. 

That is of course if you were born before 1980. It seems that if you were born after 1980, or thereabouts, you have techno inputs that those older of us just don't have. The rush of new technology coming toward you is exciting, like meeting hurricane waves with your newly waxed surfboard and your finely tuned body. It's something you conquer, ride to triumphant shores, then turn around and do again.

But I digress, if my 10 years in the business end of the record business was a first fling, this crazy romance with singing and songwriting might turn out to be a transitional relationship before I finally get serious and settle down.

I recently heard a song that said "hearts want what hearts want" (nice job Jeffry Braun) and I just wrote one that asserts "hearts know what to do". Putting these two thoughts together: my heart wants to do music...always has. The path? Well, that's where brute faith comes in. I believe our hearts do know what to do and if the rest of me would just follow along dutifully, I think I'll be alright. I guess that remains to be seen.