The Maiden Blog

Hi there!

Ok, so I'm here, in blog-land. Wow! What a world...stepping onto its potentially thin ice...I note that we didn't even have personal computers when I was having my first fling with the record business, let alone the internet, itunes, streaming live audio and blogs! (Are run-on sentences allowed here?) 

My children look at me like I'm some kind of Martian freak when I ask them (albeit for the 10th time) how to send back a comment on myspace. It took me 3 years to even join the myspace party and I think half the guests have already left.

I look out my window and see trees and a lake. It's serene and comforting in its apparent stability and slow evolution. It feels like a pace that a human being can digest, use and store easily. Technology changes at the rate of malignant cells racing across a bewildered body. 

That is of course if you were born before 1980. It seems that if you were born after 1980, or thereabouts, you have techno inputs that those older of us just don't have. The rush of new technology coming toward you is exciting, like meeting hurricane waves with your newly waxed surfboard and your finely tuned body. It's something you conquer, ride to triumphant shores, then turn around and do again.

But I digress, if my 10 years in the business end of the record business was a first fling, this crazy romance with singing and songwriting might turn out to be a transitional relationship before I finally get serious and settle down.

I recently heard a song that said "hearts want what hearts want" (nice job Jeffry Braun) and I just wrote one that asserts "hearts know what to do". Putting these two thoughts together: my heart wants to do music...always has. The path? Well, that's where brute faith comes in. I believe our hearts do know what to do and if the rest of me would just follow along dutifully, I think I'll be alright. I guess that remains to be seen.