A Lovely Journey

Hi Friends,

I just came back from a week on the emerald isle: Ireland. With sheep, cows, rolling hills, rocky coastline and tourquoise water the only thing there was to do there was revel in beauty. That and enjoy a pint of Guiness once a day!

It was about day 5 when I realized I hadn't seen a plane or helicopter for 4 days. The only things flying in the sky were birds, butterflies and the occasional bee. With a population of 4.2 million people filling a country the size of the state of Indiana (pop. 6.3 million) and very little industry the air was clean, the water unspoiled, and the landscape remarkable.

Of course we were hugging the west coast, which is far away from Dublin and the more populated areas south and east. But even Galway, the largest city on the west coast, was a kind of scaled down White Plains (no skyscrapers).

I have to confess, and I know it is not very sexy of me to do so, but we didn't see music in the pubs at night, we were feeling so quiet (and pretty tired at night) that the pub scene wasn't calling us. However, we did stumble upon some lunchtime music in the most lovely town of Doolin (actually the proported home of traditional Irish music) and equally enjoyed great local talent in during an outdoor festival in the town of Westport.

You didn't really think I'd get through Ireland without some musical immersion, did you? And of course, I had to come home with a handmade, handpainted Bodhran. Now, I just need to learn to play it. Any bodhran players out there?

Well, anyway, I'm refreshed, relaxed, renewed and ready for the months ahead. I will be performing at a benefit for INDIE MUSIC FOR LIFE in Mansfield, Connecticut, July 24th. If you are in the area come on by! www.indiemusicforlife.org

At the end of August, I will be showcasing at the 2008 WOMEN IN THE ARTS Conference in Spencer, Virgina. More on that later. www.indiegrrl.com