Life on an Even Keel

I wish!

Words like "even", "placid", "complacent" rarely, if ever, enter into the vocabulary of my life story. Maybe it's the kids (5 with "steps" included), the aging parents, the house, pets, the insane intention to have a career in music, all (or none) of the above that cause a never-ending rocking and rolling (ok, i'll let that stay) in my daily ride.

No sooner does the crisis that is Senior Pre-Prom planning get resolved, when up goes the cry to send, urgently, a box of "high fashion" clothes for an impromptu Runway Show at the Summer Dance Intensive. Wait...I was updating my bio!

Do you think it's easy to focus on snare sounds and harmonies when your first kid is about leave for his first year in college? How about summer birthdays, family vacation, relationship problems, torn tendons & Lyme disease? Did I mention the economy?

I've decided my life is trying to kill me. And the truth is, of course, it will. But not before I complete at least one more recording of songs about this crazy journey. It may be called "Made of Glass" it may be called "For Me", but whatever it's called it will be a work made with no apologies or whitewashing of real life...well, not mine, at least.

Having said that, the truth is, I generally don't complain in my songs, so no one need fear a litany of tunes about domestic drudgery. That's what blogs are for. ;)
Stay tuned.