Change Upon Change Upon Change

That's one of the titles to a song that will appear on my new album, when my new album appears. And said appearance is an event that I can't predict with total certainty at the time of this writing. I thought I could, but then I had to think again.

About a year ago, when I formed the vision of a new release, I must have formed vaguely. But now I am a year wiser. What did you say? Older? Humph! Either way, I now have a keener eye on what I'd like to do and who I'd like to do it with (kids! musically speaking!)

And I will reveal, in a very short time, who will be the quarterback for this venture and by the grace of a platoon of angels, I may even have the record out this fall...stay with's possible. Better yet, help me hold a vision! YOUR musical vision...go ahead, dream away....just keep the budget reasonable.

What I can announce is that I have enlisted the incredible Jeff Fasano to take mad photos, the awesome Jeff Chenault to do outrageous graphic design, and the totally talented Irish potter, Anthony O'Brien, to lend a hand with the art. It will be a thing of beauty, that's for sure.

I can also say that I have been delving ever more deeply into the songwriting part of this singer-songwriter thing and feel real good about these ditties. I think you will, too. So, stay tuned!
And thanks for being you!