Hi There!

This is a blog about being grateful. A gratitude catalogue blog, or a blog travelogue of my gratitude, you decide, but here goes:

I am very grateful:

To have connected with Paul Avgerinos ( He is a world class producer, musician, and a joy to work with. My songs are in heaven! But "as above so below", so they will also be available on CD and by download soon! It's gonna be good!!
For Billy Masters, Doug Yowell & Mike Viseglia for fabulous bedrock to build upon!
(, I don't think Mike's got a myspace so search for him!

To have Jeff Fasano & Jeff Chenault on my photography, artwork team. Again, both talented AND wonderful, my favorite combination! ( ( The cover art will be nice to look at!

To be coached by Donna Reid (Voice and Alexander Technique). How many more amazing "And" people can I know?! ( She's "beyond", trust me!

To have been supported & encouraged many times over by Gilli Moon. A talented artist in her own right whose intelligence and open-hearted spirit would help boost anyone trying to survive in indie singer-songwriter land. (

And many more, but in particular my family & friends. You know who you are. You shine! You help me see where I'm going. Thank you!!

And to the rest of you, thanks for being you!

Stay tuned!