5 Year Itch

The title of this blog is how I will attempt to justify FIVE years of silence. It's been a half decade of extraordinary growth, excruciating pain, exhalation, inhalation, coming back from the brink of annihilation, and deciding that it is worth it. 

I wrote a song sometime back ("Technicolor World" - it's on my first CD, "Raise the Honey")  about journeying from living "dulled down" to vivid living, about the twists and turns of that journey and about coming "home" to the brightly colored, amazing world, that we actually live in.

When I recorded that song, I thought it was a "then" journey. Ie, a journey I took & then arrived. But now I realize that there is no arriving (don't shoot the messenger). There is only journeying. Like the proverbial bear going over the mountain, there's always another mountain.

New insight: That's a good thing because journeying implies movement, discovery, learning, and living.

So, here is my stepping-in again -  another leg of the journey. Thankfully, music has proven a trustworthy trail mate and good company. Together we will be visiting a handful of venues throughout Spring and into Summer.  Please check the calendar page for details, but I am very excited to be returning to The Towne Crier in Beacon, NY on May 21st!

I hope you will come in & sit a spell;  we can reflect together upon our journeys.

Happy Trails - Lisa