Grand New Beginnings!

Happy 1/11/11!

Look at all those ONES lined up! Just begging us to align with the energy of new beginnings.  Whether you feel these kinds of moments as messages from the far reaches of the cosmos to the depths of your soul or just some fun coincidence that time and space has dished up, they are still great opportunities to pause and reflect. So reflect, please...

What might this moment of grand new beginning mean for you?  Why not wipe that habitual window clear and look out anew? What wonder might be out there waiting for you to step forward and enjoy it? With a shift of perspective, it just might be that everything really is different. Blessings for your new-ness.

For me - it is a new year on the calendar, the anniversary of my birth (1/10), and the launch of a new recording! A labor of love, not always painless, but well worth the effort, this album, "Flying on Instruments" is a collection of moods and experiences...snapshots of moments and wonderings. They helped me clear my window for what wonders might be coming next.

I invite you to take a journey with me while "Flying on Instruments" and enjoy the ride!!

Thanks for listening! And for being you.