We have lift off! "Flying on Instruments" is officially complete! 
The official release date will be January 11, 2011 but I will have pre-official release copies for sale December 15, 2010. 

To acquire one, email: or visit  Downloads will be available around the same time. 

You can hear samples on my FB music page:

Musings on the Music:

What began as a dozen auditory-visions sketched out with piano and voice turned into 12 tracks of rock and roll, a bit of soul, and an intimate ballad or two in a soundscape that's varied and multi-textured.  It'll be hard to genre-stamp, that's for sure, but that's kind of my story anyway. I always figure I should be fitting into a box somewhere, but there never seems to be one with my name on it. 

The process of creating this music has been extraordinary. More than a journey... I'd say "odyssey" is more like it. I began with wonderful people and ended with wonderful people. Ok, they weren't always the same people, but every hand that contributed something to this project contributed something valuable & important. And to each I am grateful.

On that note, please permit me to acknowledge all of the people who help to birth this record:
First and foremost, to my dear friend and colleague, Richard Martinez. From totally smokin' organ to brilliant sound design and scads in between, it's Richard's contribution that have made both process and product what they are.

Peter Calo: guitar meister all over this record. Wailing, crunching, soloing, sweetening, he's doing it all...and beautifully, too.

Doug Yowell (drums & percussion): killer beats that rivet down the tracks! 

Mike Visceglia (bass): groovy, soulful, solid

Terry Silverlight: slamming drums in "Does Anybody Hear?"

Peter Donovan: supreme bass on "Does Anybody Hear?"

Bill Ruyle: exquisite dulcimer & tasty percussion

Deborah Assael: glorious cello on Richard's brilliant arrangements

Nancy Scorcia: terrific additional guitar in just the right places

Lawrence Manchester: mix-master extraordinaire

Fred Kevorkian:  magnificent mastering

And a very special thanks to Billy Masters for getting the whole thing rolling & Paul Avgerinos for sweet additions and valuable input.

Last but not nearly least: 
Jeff Chenault: wonderful and creative art design making it come alive!

Thanks, everyone, for sticking with me to this point!
Thanks for listening! 
Stay in touch!
Write back!

See ya soon,